Accessories / Spare parts for Visor

Only original ICAN-spare parts may be used when maintaining and repairing the visor.
ICAN recommends that regular service and repair should be carried out by trained personnel. More extensive repairs should be carried out by ICAN's technical department.


90-632 Welding helmet, fixed frame 90 x 110

The welding helmet can be mounted on visor 90-100. 

The welding helmet becomes also with tilt glass 60 x 110 (90-612) and sight glass 22 x 108 / 60 x 110 (90-622)


Billede90-004 Face tightening for visor 90-100




Billede90-005 Sweat band for visor 90-100



Billede90-006 Neck band for visor 90-100



Billede90-020 Acetatevisor for visor 90-100



Billede90-108 Clear plastic film cover for visor 90-100

The clear plastic film cover is mounted on the visor, to protect it against dirt and scratches.



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