Accessories / Spare parts for ICAN Intelligent Air Flow Device

Only original ICAN-spare parts may be used when maintaining and repairing ICAN Intelligent Air Flow Device. ICAN A/S recommends regular service at least once a year. Service and repair should be carried out by trained personnel. More extensive repairs should be carried out by ICAN A/S' technical department.

BilledeICAN 70-006 Flow meter

ICAN 70-006 flow meter is delivered together with ICAN 70-200 turbo unit. The flow meter is used to check if the turbo unit gives enough air flow.



ICAN 70-030 Belt

ICAN 70-030 belt is delivered together with ICAN 70-200 turbo unit.

A rubber thread is woven into the belt which gives a slip-reducing effect.


BilledeICAN 70-920 Battery cover for belt

Some of the users of ICAN Intelligent air flow device are so small at the waist, that the battery are in the way when they are working. In those cases you can with advantage use ICAN 70-920 Battery cover, as you put in your belt and then lie the battery in hear. 

BilledeICAN 70-922 Wire w. jackplug for 70-012

ICAN 70-922 wire with jackplug are delivered together with ICAN 70-012 Battery. The wire with jackplug is connecting ICAN 70-200 Turbo unit and ICAN 70-012 Battery together.


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